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Collier Plumbing / Water Heater Repair Experts



The first thing you must do when thinking about changing or repairing your water heater is, Ask yourself, How old is my water heater. Is it going to be in my best interest to repair a water heater that is 12 years old and may start leaking in 3 months.

Or is your water heater 3 years old, and it is in your best interest to have a repair done. Then call Collier Plumbing to come out, and perform a repair for you.

We tell everyone that we work for. We can fix anything as long as its not leaking. If your heater has a tank leak then there is nothing anyone can do for you to repair it. Now if you have a tank warranty through the manufacture. Then Collier Plumbing can Use that to help you obtain a new tank, and all you will have to pay is the install fee and parts, Like new flex lines.

So don't hesitate to call Collier plumbing for all your WATER HEATER Installations and REPAIRS.

                            (909) 931-4535